W. C. Roberts (wc_roberts) wrote,
W. C. Roberts

Sausage Link #3b

Never mind the LJ ads for super-cut and the Mormons, lets talk about FIB and HST.  How do forms, word limits, or other boundaries drive your creativity?  Where do you find prompts and inspiration?  Especially: where do you look for the latest scientific or technological advances? 

followed up on my ram- and scramjet post.  Thank you, Jamie.  If you ace Life Sciences, I'll want to run some things by you, eventually.  Re: biospheres and life support, etc.  And feel free to let me know what's lacking these days in SF poetry, what you'd like to find in the slush. 

Meanwhile, I found this post on HST design and wave-rider, along with this article on a successful test flight and another on probable applications, for those of you interested in that sort of thing. 

Let's work together, you know, and see what we can do.  Let's not underestimate the power of good SF to inspire children, young adults, and adults, to think and solve problems scientifically. 

Tags: networking, prompt, propulsion, sausage link, science

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